Getting Your Ham License

If you would like to become an Amateur Radio Operator, go to the 'Links' section of this web site, where you will find all the material that you will need. Look for the group of links labled 'Getting Your Amateur License'.

There you will be directed to where you can find all the information required to pass the exam to obtain an Amateur Radio Operator and Station license. Be aware that knowledge of Morse Code is no longer a requirement in obtaining an Amateur Radio License.

After studying all the material listed, try giving yourself several 'Basic' exams using the Industry Canada Exam Generator listed in one of the links.

The lowest pass mark is 70 correct out of 100 questions in the multiple choice exam.

A pass mark of 70 to 79 will allow you to only use VHF and UHF frequencies above 30 MHz. Suitable for handheld and home or mobile radios in the VHF/UHF Bands.

A pass mark of 80 to 100 will allow you to also operate on the additional long distance frequencies from 1.8 MHz to 30 MHz.

Once you consistantly get a pass mark of around 80 or more on your self administered exams, contact some of the local volunteer authorized examiners listed in one of the links or attend a meeting of an Amateur Radio Club in your area. Local club information is available as another bulletin on this website.

You can also take the exam at the Industry Canada Toronto District office on St Clair Ave. E. at Yonge St. (416-973-8215). They do charge a $20 fee.

Good Luck.
VE3WZW Andre

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Getting Your Amateur Radio License