List of FRS channels

List of FRS channels
ChannelFrequency (MHz)Notes
1462.5625Shared with GMRS
2462.5875Shared with GMRS
3462.6125Shared with GMRS
4462.6375Shared with GMRS
5462.6625Shared with GMRS
6462.6875Shared with GMRS
7462.7125Shared with GMRS
8467.5625FRS use only
9467.5875FRS use only
10467.6125FRS use only
11467.6375FRS use only
12467.6625FRS use only
13467.6875FRS use only
14467.7125FRS use only


  1. Anonymous9/28/2015

    No, there is no HAM transmitter that's legal for FRS or GMRS.

    Both FRS and GMRS are only legal with equipment certified to part 95 standards. The part 95 standards require that the equipment be incapable of transmitting on frequencies other than the service the radio is intended for. So if it's got the ability to transmit on the ham bands, then it can't be legal for FRS or GMRS use. Furthermore, FRS requires a non-detachable antenna.

    There are also modulation, deviation, power, and frequency stability standards which may or may not be achieved by a particular piece of ham gear. Some ham gear can be modified to make it technically capable of transmitting out of ham bands, perhaps including FRS/GMRS frequencies. That doesn't mean it's legal. Even if you make your ham gear have a signal that is technically compatible with FRS or GMRS, it won't be legally compatible unless it has been certified. Your ham license gives you no privileges outside of the ham bands, and transmitting where you're not allowed can cost you your license, among other things.

    Of course, there are plenty of ham radios that can receive FRS/GMRS frequencies, along with a lot more frequencies, and this is not a problem.

    VE3_SP / VA3A-GV

    1. Anonymous7/23/2017

      So if it's illegal to transmit on frs and or gmrs frequencies with a ham radio then why is it OK to listen. And if it is then how come there is all sorts of info on the Web to do the mods to do so. I can understand the other way around because you need a licence to talk on ham frequency but you don't for frs or gmrs. This makes absolutely no sense

    2. FRS radios are limited to 500 milliwatts according to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations. Channels 1 to 7 are shared with low-power interstitial channels of General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). A license is required for those channels if the power output is over FRS limits.

      Thanks, please search to educate yourself

  2. I see we can operate in the range of 462-467, but can we operate between these ranges? Are Boufang radios legal to operate on these channels and inbetween these frequency ranges? I want to use it for Airsoft playing in my area

  3. If I dont use my Boufang over the transmit power range is it legal to use it?


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