Winlink Global Radio Email

Winlink Global Radio Email
What is Winlink

Winlink Global Radio Email

The only client with everything Winlink offers.
Easy to setup, learn and use. Fully supported. Free.
Every ham needs email when the internet is down-- locally, regionally, or everywhere!
Download the latest production release.

Winlink "RMS Express - Part 1"

Winlink Accounts...

...are created with a client program. You can not create one here.

We require

  • A valid amateur radio license, or
  • a license from a participating government service or agency. 
Ship station or other marine licenses do not qualify.

How To Get an Account

  1. Download, install and configure any client software, like RMS Express. Read its help file about installation and use.
  2. Connect with the system (send a message) to create your account. Your radio email address is
  3. Use the form (lower right) to have a password sent to your new address. Retrieve it using your client program.
  4. Use your callsign as your username, and password to log in here.
Winlink accounts stay alive only with radio use. Accounts off-air for 400 days are automatically purged. Use it or loose it

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