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DX Operation Announcements for Forthcoming Contests

Forthcoming contests operations are included in the tables linked-to below. For operations in contests that have already taken place (1996+), use the menu provided under "Operations for Previous Contests". For operations in the forthcoming smaller contests for which I don't create dedicated tables and for operations that are not contest oriented, check the Announced DX Operations (ADXO) table. 

Operations in Specific Forthcoming Contests

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Other Contest Operation Tables and Facilities

Contest Calendars

Contest Web Pages

These are Web pages specifically designed for and dedicated to a single contest. Typically, they include more than just an announcment or rule list for a single year (which can almost always be found in the better "Contest Calendars"). These pages may contain (or provide links to) such items as Contest: History; Records; Results; County Names/Abbreviations; Logging Programs, etc. Ideally, they're a single "point-of entry" from which one can find "everything you ever wanted to know" about a particular contest and are well maintained and up-to-date. Kudos to the pioneers who have created and are maintaining these pages! I believe the Asia-Pacific Sprint offer excellent models for contest Web pages.

Contest Logging Software

Other Contest Resources and Pages

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